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Moving On

My silence here over the last five months does not betray any kind of real silence in my life, work or otherwise. Things have been moving quickly. I’m always pretty active on my Facebook page. I’ve finalized a divorce and all its staggering attendant paperwork. I’ve moved people and things into and out of my house. Picked berries and weeded. Worked like crazy on my new InSight Words deck (almost ready!). Worked to find my left foot and heal an injury that’s half as old as I am. Published an essay. Took a hiatus from tutoring. And more.

So now the wheels are in  motion for summer courses. Coming up are LEXinars on the International Phonetic Alphabet (June) and the NEW Stress and the Schwa (July). I have interest in Syllables: Fact and Fiction and Old English for Orthographers as well. Doug Harper is available to join me for Etymonline Online.

Live seminars include both greater Chicago and greater Philadelphia in July. Early Bird registration dates are quickly approaching, so grab a colleague and get registered. Philly has online options available as well.

Starting in the fall, I’m planning two longitudinal online courses. One will be an “Advanced Orton-Gillingham” LEXinar, addressing topics including morphology and etymology, but also comprehension, fluency, assessment and diagnosis, and professional standards and ethics. I was an Advanced OG trainer for a decade; I’m still certified. This course, however, rather than being focused on lesson plans and a scope and sequence, will be a deep study of these topics through the lens of word history, word structure, and the history and structure of literacy education.¬†Ideally for scholars with some OG training, preferably certification, this course will include a supervised practicum option.

The second longitudinal course will be built around my dissertation, Spelling Stories and Spelling Science: How English Orthography Works. I’ll write; you’ll read; we’ll meet and discuss. Both of these courses include handouts and film uploads as well as scheduling flexibility. I can also offer payment plans; costs are not yet set and will depend in part on how many folks want to register.

Summer’s a good time to study. It’s hot and buggy out. Or raining. Or all three. Stay inside with your Internet and your air conditioning and join me. Or come out to one of the live seminars, connect with colleagues, and be a little pampered in a nice study space.

So get moving!

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