Great news.

My InSight Words and Matrix Study Sheets are going to ship, and they’re only two months late.

As several of you know, these products were in development earlier this fall, and I sent everything off for printing on September 15th, as planned. However, I ran into massive formatting and design problems, had to learn a new software, and had to re-format both files more than once.

I’m not a graphic designer, and I don’t even play one on teevee. I have no secretary, no intern, no IT guy, and definitely no art department. I grossly underestimated the amount of production work these resources would be, and it’s set everything else behinder than usual. I do apologize for the delays, and your continued patience as I manage and organize shipments will be appreciated.

As people have politely inquired about the status of their orders, I have been blown away by the kind patience and understanding I have encountered as I explained the delays. Moreover, I’ve been moved by the gratitude people have expressed for my work, and their eagerness to get their hands on it.

Many thanks, and I can’t wait to get this stuff into your hands!

160402 Save the Date

Several eager customers have been asking, “Where are the InSight Words I ordered?”

Both the InSight Words and the Matrix Study Sheets are in production. When I announced them in August, I anticipated that they’d be in production September 15th. Since then, I’ve had delays I didn’t anticipate: problems with the color and design of the book cover; issues with the color and orientation of the instruction cards; a family wedding on my end, and a large order in line before me on the production end.

Besides designing the cards and the book and getting them into production, I also have to consider packaging, shipping, and handling. Once I have the products in my hands, I will have a big job processing and shipping orders all over the world. Now I’m gearing up for the Everyone Reading Illinois conference in Chicagoland next week, and I’m not even sure I’ll have the prototypes by then. This is my work and I do love it, but I do it alone, and as fast as I am able, and it doesn’t always happen the way I think it’s going to.

I deeply appreciate how much my colleagues and community look forward to receiving the products I’ve developed. I also deeply appreciate your patience with a self-employed, single mom in grad school. Both of these resources are enormously generative for study, and I’m proud of them. I can’t wait to get them out to you.

Thanks for investing in LEX.

Douglas Harper and I are pleased to announce the location of our fourth annual Etymology! conference. Appropriately dubbed WordStock IV, this highly-anticipated event will be hosted by the San Francisco Friends School. Doug and I are looking forward to spending time in northern California, and we especially relish the opportunity to study in the metro location where Pete Bowers is spending a year as a scholar-in-residence.

For the past three years, our Etymology! conferences have welcomed scholars from all over the world. Each year, we have a mixed audience of veteran word detectives and new recruits. We include an overview of the field of etymology, and then delve into specific examples in order to learn more about how the language evolves. Each year we choose a specific focus: Old Norse, Norman French, all the Latins . . .

The date is TBD, but we anticipate a late March or early April time frame. We hope you can join us!

New Leads

I’m so pleased to announce the coming availability of two new LEX products.

InSight Words Label The first is the long-awaited first volume of InSight Words, the first of several decks offering an inquiry-based understanding of words that most literacy instruction cannot explain. Commonly referred to as “sight words,” “red words,” “learned words,” “outlaw words,” “oddball words,” “rule-breakers” and other pointless names, these words are usually slated for memorization rather than investigation in most classrooms. The LEX InSight Words trust the intellect of new readers and are structured to reveal and reinforce the nature of the writing system scientifically, one InSight at a time.

Matrix Study Sheets Logo The second is a collection of Matrix Study Sheets made publicly available for the first time. Originally developed in 2013 for the private use of the Children’s Dyslexia Centers clinical staff, this invaluable resource is now available for anyone working to understand English orthography. Featuring 25 lexical word matrices, etymological information, and questions for further study, this softcover book includes both free and bound bases as well as both single and twin bases. Useful for personal study, lesson planning, or direct instruction — and half of the profits go to support to the Children’s Dyslexia Centers!

Both products are available for pre-order at a 10% discount through September 1st. Pre-orders help LEX offset production costs. Expected publication date for pre-orders placed through September 1st is September 15th. Place your order at https://squareup.com/market/linguist-educator-exchange and make sure you select the discounted option before it expires!

I’m not a huge fan of sales — it’s not why I got into this line of work. But developing and finding really good products to support word study around the world, well, that’s more my thing. The right <pro> + <duct> can lead us forward in our understanding, and I hope that’s what you’ll find in these new offerings.

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