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Online Study

LEXinars™ are convenient online courses offering access to a deep, accurate, and clear understanding of how written English works. Course content is responsive to client demand, and course offerings are always evolving. LEXinars™ may include downloadable film and/or print resources for participants.

LEXinars™ include single-installment courses as well as multiple-installment and year-long options; installments range from 90-120 minutes. Delivered live in real time (not recorded or archived), LEXinars™ are scheduled quarterly, based on the scheduling needs and availability of pre-paid, registered participants. Once a course is on the calendar, anyone may sign up and join, but we will not respond to scheduling inquiries without pre-registration. LEX™ requires at least new five participants to schedule a course; previous participants may email a request to re-take scheduled LEXinars™ at no additional charge, space permitting.

LEX also offers FREE Pop-Up classes about once a month, on a variety of topics. These are available to paid subscribers of Shameless Spelling™ by LEX.

Live Study

LEX™ offers a small selection of transformative in-person options for group study. These live events not only offer unparalleled opportunities to deepen not only an accurate understanding of the writing system, but also important and lasting collegial ties with others eagerly seeking the same understanding.

The Annual Etymology! Weekend with Douglas Harper of The Online Etymology Dictionary is a live, themed conference that travels to a different location each spring. See this link to register for this year’s conference.

Symposium in the Pines is a five-day word study retreat in beautiful Prescott, Arizona, LEX’s™ hometown. Includes lodging in a historic downtown hotel, local sightseeing ventures, and intensive word study with LEX™. See this link for more information.

Word Study Abroad with LEX™ and Douglas Harper. Past trips have included word study with Real Spelling in central France and sightseeing in Paris, the castles of the Loire Valley, and the cave paintings at Lascaux. Our 2020 Bastard Tour, retracing the footsteps of William the Conqueror, was canceled due to COVID.

We hope to be able to reinstate live study in the future.

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Live Study is on an Extended Break

Etymology! XI

Spring 2023

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Consultation Support

LEX™ Principal Gina Cooke, Ph.D., is available to consult with educators, administrators, schools and school districts, university instructors or departments, families, and advocates or attorneys, regarding matters of literacy, literacy instruction, intervention, and professional development. Please do not use this form for questions regarding scheduling: such inquiries will go unanswered.


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