Truer Words Volume 4 by Emily O’Connor


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The front of each card in this deck offers a big-picture tapestry of a word family by way of an illustration. You’ll find etymons/roots on actual roots or stems, and Present Day English forms clustered together closer to the top like metaphorical berries or flowers. This is an invitation to visualize etymology, to see how Present Day English words have bloomed into existence, and to see actual relationships across a word family.

The back of each card considers the word through an interpretation of the Four Questions of Structured Word Inquiry (Bowers & Kirby 2010).

Truer Words Volume 4 invites scholars to explore the families of the words adventure, structure, literate, add, endurance, cycle, human, hydrate, radius and conversation.

There are ten cards in each deck, each lovingly handprinted by a local Portland printer onto beautiful stock. Every deck also comes with one informational concept card to help anchor your explorations.

This resource is designed to be accessible to anyone.