Etymology VIII! New World Words

Here comes our 8th annual Etymology! conference, April 3, 4, 5, in Scottsdale, Arizona

Saddle up with Douglas Harper and Gina Cooke for a wild ride through the history of American English and a study of its hoofprints on English spelling. Place names, animal names, plant names, natural pheomena: everything new in the New World needed a new word.

Join us in the Arizona Territory as we investigate the etymological effects on English spelling and explore indigenous influences in the Online Etymological Dictionary. Deepen your understanding of the many common English words that are not Germanic, Latin, or Greek, but uniquely American. 

Full registration details are now available in the LEX Store. This includes attending one, two, or all three days in person, or the 3-day online attendance option.

Or Download the Conference Registration PDF.

Westward Ho!


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