Shameless Spelling

For years, I’ve thought about doing a podcast. I met with a sound guy a couple of times, bought a fancy microphone, drafted my first two scripts, and talked to my banjo teacher about recording the intro I wrote. But it never got off the ground, for one reason: spelling is so visual. People need to see what I’m talking about, clearly and starkly, not just hear it.

So LEX is launching something new! It’s called Shameless Spelling. Intended for both current LEX followers and a growing audience, this new venture is dedicated to anyone who’s ever been shamed for their spelling, for their reading, for trying to help their kid become literate, or for thinking they must be stupid because they can’t swallow the syllable pedagogies being shoved down their throats. It’s for everyone who’s every burst into tears of shame in school, or tears of relief in a LEXinar. It’s for people who love History of English podcasts, and for people who would just like to help their kids become better spellers. To everyone who’s ever found real word study to be better than therapy, Shameless Spellling is your space. 

LEX will maintain a presence here on the blog as well as on Facebook. Near the first of each month, I will post something brief based on my current research, including my dissertation, or based on a study session with one of my private kiddos or mentees, always with permission. These free monthly posts will be available here on the LEX blog, on Facebook, and/or via email with a free subscription. Anyone can subscribe and have access to these free monthly posts in your email inbox, if that is your preference, or you can continue reading these posts online, gratis.

The ability to dialogue, ask questions, delve deeper, and explore the archives, however, will be behind a small paywall. There, I will also post a longer, deeper exploration at least once a month, and often more. Paid posts will cover a range of topics, including real-time observations about how language and spelling make the weekly news. These deeper discussions are moving to a new forum that does not require any social media profile, advertisements, or repeated exposure to Phombie trolls and frauds. Paid subscriptions will also include access to graphics, videos, and original content for lesson planning. Paid subscribers will have first access to new course and new publication announcements, EarlyBird discounts, free pop-up classes, free shipping holidays, special coupons, and teaching internship opportunities. Paid subscribers will be also able to pose their own questions as well as to comment on and discuss posts, classes, and more.


Keenly clear. Sometimes irreverent. Never shameful.


We’re christening the ship and embarking on our new adventure later this month. Stay tuned for the details and don’t miss out!


  1. Holly says:

    This sounds incredible. I am so in!

  2. Deb Geise says:

    Im in, Gina!

  3. Morgan says:

    YES PLEASE!!!! I’m feeling giddy just thinking about it.

  4. Waiting with bell’s on!

  5. Shawna Pope says:

    LOL!!! bells!

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