Minding My Own Business

Update: No sooner did I publish this, then Transfer Big Files canceled my account, deleting all of my files, contacts, and data, in retaliation for me asking for a refund. I am filing complaints with the BBB, the FTC, and the Arizona Attorney General, but your patience as I sort this ouit is appreciated.

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I am an entrepreneur.

I am an entrepreneur not because I love business, but because I’m really good at language.

Nonetheless, there are still businessy things that I have to take care of, running a business, and one of them is sending films and files to my clients after they have taken a class. I make it very clear that I won’t re-send files that people fail to download within the allotted week, so people rarely ask me to do so. However, lately, I noticed that all of the files I was uploading for my clients, were remaining un-downloaded. In other words, no one was accessing them. I did hear from a few people, and figured out that there was a bigger problem than I thought.

It turns out that the transfer service I use, Transfer Big Files, just plain SUCKS. I don’t have a plan to replace it for now (and I am NOT looking for suggestions, so just don’t). The upshot is that they use AWS (Amazon Web Services) for their transfers, and there was some kind of glitch with AWS that was not allowing files to go through. So instead of informing their client base about the problem, Transfer Big Files just went radio silent until today.

The problem has been remedied, I’ve been told, and I’ve tested it myself and it is working. I just re-sent all of the files that have not yet expired, but I’m also going to offer, this fall, a 2-and-a-half-year LEXinar film amnesty: if you are missing films from LEXinars that you have taken, I will be providing a form you can submit to request films that you are missing. These requests will be compiled, and I will make good. I never want to promise something and fail to deliver on it, so the film amnesty is an effort to amend past omissions that happened through no fault of my own.

The form will require you to provide your own classes and the dates you took them, anytime in 2019, 2020, or 2021. My team can verify registration and attendance, but don’t even try to get films from me unless you provide the information from your own records. I’m not looking it up for you. Once you provide the request and we verify past participation, we will add you to the list for those films. Note: these are course films, not recordings of actual LEXinar sessions.

I’m sorry Transfer Big Files has been so crappy, guys, but I’m going to make good on it to the best of my ability.


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