The Classics LEXinar™ Series

This fall, I will be launching a new series of LEXinars™ to help folks better understand how Latin, Greek, and Semitic language origins manifest in English.

The Latin Palatals™ LEXinar already exists, and many of you have taken it; the Classics Series is the perfect home for that LEXinar. I’m partnering with scholars of the Classics to develop course materials; you should never take a class from someone who has not actually studied the language, as I’ve always said.

Once I put this up in the store, discounted advanced pricing for the package will be available through June, including options for people who have already taken Palatals and those who have not. Each LEXinar can also be taken separately. The Latin Anatomy LEXinar will be the first to launch in September 2022 — a fresh introduction to Latin Anatomy in English words, suitable for beginners — with remaining LEXinars to follow.

For everyone who’s asked me about Latin and Greek study opportunities, they’re coming your way!

Vigilate hanc espatium!

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