Are You Still Here?

This post is for the folks who still follow me here, at my archival blog, but aren’t on Facebook and aren’t yet following me on Shameless Spelling, my subscription blog. While I still announce new developments and new offers here, the explanations of my understandings are at Shameless.

Now that I’m done with my dissertation, I’m writing and posting a lot more online. There have been a lot of exciting discoveries, as well as painful revelations, as I shed my academic and intellectual chrysalis and let my freak wings fly.

If you’ve loved this LEX blog, it will remain here as an archive. But if you’re not following me elsewhere, you’re missing out. My understanding isn’t static. And when I say that it’s dynamic, I mean that in every sense of the word. Look at its family and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyhow, come follow me! And yes, the best parts of Shameless are behind a paywall. I have a kid in college, and I’m not just musing feel-good guesses and posting YouTube videos and language memes. Shameless costs $6/month, or $60/year. If you’d like to follow and sincerely cannot afford the cost, please email me, and we’ll work out a subscription.



  1. John Pitts says:


    My name is John Pitts, the creator of a new dictionary, and I caught your TED on TRUE/TREE and really liked it, along with the illustrations. I think you’d fall in love with what we built, as a linguist, and I’d LOVE to give you a private tour as it’s right up your alley. There are all sorts of ways for you to use it. Kindly reach out.

    It’s a great photo of Catalina by the way, my wife and I used to look at Cataline every day from our apartment on the PCH in Los Angeles.


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