Where Oh Where?

When people are new to studying with me, they often hear about concepts they’re uncertain of, and would like to know more about, but they rightfully distrust the general information on the Web, or even in academic resources. The Oxford English Dictionary, after all, still thinks that *<-tion> is a suffix.

My LEXinars are rich and deep, and they often deal with content that may not be immediately obvious in the course title or description. So here is a short list that answers the question “Where can I learn about ______?”

Topic                                                   Resource

Connecting Vowel Letters: Latin Palatals LEXinar

Grimm’s Law: Etymonline Online LEXinar

Phonetics vs. Phonology: International Phonetic Alphabet LEXinar

Allophones: The Nature of the Phoneme LEXinar

Etymological Markers: The Science of Silence LEXinar

Problems with Phonics & Etymology: Old English for Orthographers LEXinar

Jobs of Replaceable <e>: LEX Grapheme Deck, The Science of Silence LEXinar

Inflections:  InSights into Inflections Deck, The Spell of Spelling & Glamour of Grammar LEXinar

Vulgar Latin:  Latin Palatals LEXinar

Narrative & Expository Text Structures: Drawing Conclusions LEXinar

History of the Alphabet: Default Graphemes LEXinar

Synchronic vs. Diachronic Etymology: The Etymology! Weekend

If there’s anything else you’re looking for, ask!

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